3Dimension™ D-113d Projector

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3Dimension™ D-113d Projector

Product description

Runco CSVOffering the best and brightest in high-end luxury projection, the 3Dimension™ D-113d expands Runco’s line of custom-built personal cinema projectors. The D-113d pairs Runco’s unique, award-winning Constant Stereoscopic Video™ (CSV) approach with the optical filters and glasses of the Panavision 3D System® – which has been developed for premiere commercial cinemas. The result is the brightest CSV projection in the world, and an exceptional 3D, as well as 2D, experience for private theaters.

The Runco D-113d offers exceptional product performance with a state-of-the-art product that enables an extraordinary cinematic experience because the product and room are custom built with the finest components to exactly match owners’ specifications. The D-113d employs a highly-efficient illumination system consisting of four UHP lamps, which offer brightness and redundancy. Panavision 3D GlassesCombined with the unique and flexible engine design, the D-113d provides better, richer color performance for pristine color accuracy. These benefits combine into a brilliant image that provides a spectacular color gamut and contrast, as well as unmatched color brightness, even on the largest screen sizes.

For unparalleled reproduction of Hollywood’s 2.35:1 CinemaScope standard the D-113d is available with Runco’s legendary CineWide™ with AutoScope™ technology. Selecting from multiple lens options that allow the flexibility for seamless integration into the most sophisticated personal cinemas, each D-113d projector is custom built to suit the exact requirements specified for every client. The Guide to Cinewide E-BookD-113d features 1080p HD native resolution 3-chip system for the finest projection image and 16:9 native aspect ratio to match all digital programming including seamlessly switching aspect ratios for both 2D and 3D content for all media, including broadcast, film, sports and gaming.

To learn more about CineWide, download our Guide to CineWide® e-Book: a viewer’s guide to widescreen scope projection. It provides a brief history of widescreen cinema, discusses aspect ratios and designing for CineWide and much more.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Runco’s proprietary CSV™, Constant Stereoscopic Video architecture is an incomparable approach to 3D visualization, paired with the spectral filtration technology of the Panavision® 3D System

  • Runco’s 3Dimension Series pair with passive glasses, with a design unique to Runco formulated for precise stereo separation

  • Stellar performance in both 2D and 3D modes, with native 1080p DLP 16x9 performance

Product Specifications

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Runco’s award winning development of CineWide™ and CineWide with AutoScope™ technology has created a revolution in faithful movie reproduction, for the first time transforming home theater into home cinema.

Runco CSV is a vastly-superior approach to 3D visualization that enables seamless decoding, syncing and merging of stereo images delivering a constant HD image to each eye.

Custom Features

Finish-PaletteCustom finish options are available for Runco Projectors with the Copenhagen industrial design. more ▶