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Request a DemonstrationThe immense happiness brought to those fortunate enough to own a home theater is the pinnacle driving force at Runco. Inside the home theater is where exclusive experiences are created. Inside this magical sanctuary lies an experience to be celebrated, envied and shared.
Creating a synthesis of design and engineering, Runco offers the most technologically-advanced displays backed by a commitment to products and service that is unprecedented in the industry and unparalleled in video displays. Runco is the original pioneer of flawless video and is constantly redefining luxury home theater.
Runco products are hand-built to each customer’s exact home theater specifications at our headquarters in the USA, where cutting edge technology and refined craftsmanship come together. Tested in a replication of each home theater environment, every Runco product is assured to provide an experience that is as unique as the home it will grace. Absolutely every product passes through the hands of our skilled technicians before being signed out by a final multi-dozen-point inspection.
You are invited to peruse our inspirational gallery of home theater products from Runco, which are the center point of the most discerning theaters in the world. From the ultra-modern to the über-elegant, whether you dream of being on the bridge of the Enterprise or in the balcony of a Parisian opera house, Runco products are the pre-eminent symbol of home theater prestige with the longest history of achievement, innovation and acclaim.

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  • The Runco WindowWall adds ambience to the most elegant rooms.
  • Gramophone installed a Runco VideoWall VW-100 in a room that is out of this world.
  • The Runco Crystal Portfolio CX-52HD LCD and fireplace create an oasis in this home, installed by Beyond Audio.
  • The stylish design of the Runco Lightstyle LS-5 1080p projector adds impact to this theater installed by Boca Theater and Automation.
  • Four Runco LCD displays and a Runco CL-810 projector in a beautiful install by Creative Home Theater.
  • Runco SC-1 theater in a sports lover’s paradise designed and built by Hometronics in Dallas, TX
  • The movies keep playing in this theater with a Runco CL-610 projector installed by Audio Video Planners as the snow keeps falling outside.
  • Lime Green theater design featuring the Runco LS-5 Projector.
  • The Audio Video Pros brought the ultimate theater experience home by installing a Runco CL-610 in this sophisticated escape.
  • Rich in color and art, this theater is complete with a Runco CL-710 projector, by Abbott's Audio Video.
  • A Runco Lightstyle LS-5 DLP projector in a stunning theater by Audio Interiors.
  • Lime Green theater design featuring the Runco LS-5 Projector.
  • A Runco Reflection RS-1100 projecter in this modern and bold theater designed by Audio Image.
  • This lavish theater is equipped with a Runco Reflection RS-900 projector, by Elite Audio.
  • Runco SC-1 and four Runco PlasmaWall displays for nonstop entertainment in this digital den by Hometronics in Texas
  • This space is the centerpoint of the home and the Runco SP-60 plasma adds to the experience, by Abbott's Audio Video.
  • A spectacular family living space complete with a Runco VW-100HD installed by Gramophone in Maryland.
  • This theater screams classic with a Runco VideoWall VW-100 installed by Gramophone.
  • The Runco VX-2000D projector installed by Gramophone is the center point of this beautiful theater.
  • An excellent installation of the VX-2000d by Starr Systems.
  • One of Runco's most popular Three-chip DLP projectors, the VX-22d, designed by Integrated Media Systems.
  • DSI Entertainment Systems in Santa Barbara installed a VX-22d in this amazing environment.
  • The Gramophone team knew installing a Runco VX-22D projector with a CineWide Autoscope lens would create an unmatched experience.
  • Innovative and illuminating, Ensemble Custom Solutions chose rear projection setup for the Runco Video Xtreme VX-22i- creating a stunning experience.
  • A Runco HD home theater projector illimunates this sophisticated space created by Audio Video Planners.
  • Hometronics in Houston, TX created this digital oasis with a rear-mounted VX-44d and two Runco CinemaWall plasma displays
  • The architecture of this building is made for the Runco VX-5000, installed by Gramophone.
  • DSI Entertainment Systems in Los Angeles installed a Runco VX-5000d in this stunning theater.
  • A Runco XP-50 plasma display makes this fun space even more of a treat. Designed and integrated by Audio Interiors.

Choosing Your Runco

Working closely with Runco, our Authorized Dealers are our embassies around the world providing the level of service you could only expect from a company thoroughly committed to its products and their owners.

Authorized Runco dealers provide guidance to customers looking for the finest home theaters. Our dealers work closely with us to create a product that will be hand-built to your theater’s exact specifications. Often collaborating with architects and designers, your Runco dealer will take your vision and create a masterpiece that will be the crux of design and technology. Providing the critical liaison between design and integration, Runco dealers offer a full suite of home theater products to bring your dreams to life.

Only Runco dealers offer the necessarily skill, training, product knowledge and equipment to create the experience derived from Runco products. Our dealers represent the absolute highest echelon in the market and only the absolute best dealers are selected to offer Runco. We invite you to contact one of our trained dealers to help you design your new home theater where you will celebrate, laugh, cheer and share the magic that only Runco brings to your home.

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