Runco® Digital Cinema Concierge™

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Runco® Digital Cinema Concierge™

Product offering

Runco’s Digital Cinema Concierge™ is an innovative complete projection and media server system offering that meets the stringent requirements of Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC, a joint venture between Disney®, Fox®, Paramount®, Sony Pictures Entertainment®, Universal®, and Warner Bros® Studios, created to establish a standard of technical specifications, performance, and quality control for first-run commercial digital cinemas. DCI projection systems are renowned worldwide for their consistently captivating, vibrant and detailed imagery. They boast an eye-popping palette of trillions of colors (DCI color space) and resolutions that exceed even the most advanced high-definition home video standards.

Digital Cinema ConciergeCustom-engineered and built-to-spec, Runco’s Digital Cinema Concierge is a complete solution where Runco engineers personally review plans for every new installation, develop and rigorously test a complete solution tailor-made for each project, complete with a proprietary Runco Digital Cinema Media Server™ (DCMS). The Runco DCMS is compliant with Digital Cinema Initiative specifications enabling the playback of locked content, including Texas Instruments® (TI) CineLink™ 2 encryption, MXF and JPEG2000 Interop specifications. Matching the needs of the high-end client who wants to watch both 2D and 3D content, the Runco DCMS also enables a myriad of 3D playback, including optional Dolby® 3D upgrade.

Runco’s Digital Cinema Concierge is a total video solution custom configured to the needs of the most discriminating client for their luxury private screening room.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Meets DCI standard of technical specifications, performance, and quality control for first-run displaying of digital movies
  • Enables playback of locket content, including TI’s CineLink 2 encryption
  • Full 2K projection resolution
  • Runco Digital Cinema Media Server that enables 2D and 3D content, including optional Dolby 3D upgrade
  • E-Cinema and D-Cinema enabled
  • Built-to-spec projection systems for flawless projection in every personal theater

“The home theater is unique, for unlike any other room in the house, it is designed to display some of the greatest products of the imagination - our passion, hopes, and fears. A theater has a personality and life all its own; a sense of excitement lures us to the promise of an incomparable experience. And when the curtains part, our window upon the universe opens wide, and the heart begins to beat a little faster,” said Theo Kalomirakis, President TK Theaters. “Runco understands the unique joy of home theater and, for decades, has created personal cinema displays that mirror – and often exceed – the powerful experience of the local cineplex. Runco’s passion and commitment to excellence is one of the many reasons I use them in many of my theaters.”