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A core competency for Runco for more than two decades, our home theater and home cinema projectors grace the most elegant, opulent and impressive rooms around the world. With a legacy in video engineering, Runco has created and perfected image reproduction to offer unique projectors that are truly incomparable. Always at the bleeding edge of technology, Runco projectors use the latest enhancements in video. Runco validates and perfects these enhancements to offer products that are truly differentiated from any other manufacturer. Each Runco product can be customized for perfect integration into each customer’s individual home theater. Only Runco has this incredible heritage and unique dedication to craftsmanship and customization.

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Runco Projectors in the News

Runco Adds 3D to Award-Winning LightStyle Series with All New LS-12d projector

30-Jan-2012 - The new 3-chip DLP LS-12d and Dimension Digital Controller provides homeowners with an affordable 3D solution without compromising video quality. Beaverton, OR – Pla..... more ▶

Runco Expands VideoXtreme DLP Projection Series with New VX-11d Projector with CineWide

08-Sep-2011 - Brightness, clarity, and award-winning technology of the VideoXtreme VX-11d projector delivers an incredible viewing experience for video connoisseurs. Indianapolis, IN, &..... more ▶