DHD Digital Controller™

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Product description

To create truly custom video experiences, Runco offers its award-winning digital DHD video processor and scaler. These latest-generation controllers offer a full calibration suite to achieve the perfect picture in any viewing environment. Taking the image from any source and processing it to perfect calibration for your Runco display, the Runco DHD3 and DHD4  ensure impressive, amazing images every time. 

With robust connectivity far beyond what is typical for projectors and flat-panels, the Runco DHD can be rack-mounted next to all other sources connecting to your Runco display with a single panel, eliminating the need to pull extra wiring to your display. The proprietary DHD leverages Runco’s decades of history in video processing and control to create a solution that produces simply the most impressive video in home theater. Please consult a Runco Authorized Dealer to learn more about pairing your Runco display with a Runco DHD video processor.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stylish design with Runco performance (2U for DHD3/4)
  • Full HD resolution support and upscaling
  • Runco’s legendary ViVix™ video processing
  • Advanced multiple connectivity, including HDMI, to allow connectivity from the latest digital sources
  • Runco’s proprietary Back-up and recovery tool (BRiC)

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