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Runco CSV Technology

Runco CSVRunco’s revolutionary 3Dimension Series solution is based on Runco’s proprietary CSV™ (Constant Stereoscopic Video) architecture. Runco CSV is a vastly-superior approach to 3D visualization that enables seamless decoding, syncing and merging of stereo images and delivers a constant HD image to each eye without the flicker, distortion, or discomfort inherent in other approaches. Runco CSV utilizes unique passive-glasses technology, which is proven to be superior for the viewer and is usually only available in the finest public theaters.

RealD 3DFurther, Runco is the first home theater brand to license RealD ‘s Processing Package, which is used in Runco's 3Dimension Processor that is paired with the company's D-73 projector. The RealD Processing Package includes multiple proprietary technologies for the delivery and display of high-definition 3D content, for a high-quality 3D display experience in the home.

Panavision 3DIn the D-113d, Runco’s CSV technology is paired with the spectral filtration technology of the Panavision 3D System. In the Panavision 3D System, the entire visible spectrum is sliced into ten slim bands – with five directed to the left eye and five to the right. The result: each eye receives the same amount of total white light energy so the images appear equal in brightness and provide the truest color reproduction.

Panavision 3D GlassesRunco has utilized this technology from the Panavision 3D System in its PreciseColor™ passive glasses. This differentiates Runco’s passive approach from other high-end 3D projection systems, which are based on “active” LCD shutter-glass technology.

Because the Runco system doesn’t require polarization, images can be shown on a white screen with its more even illumination and its superior color image quality. The same white screen can be used for both 2D and 3D.

Constant Stereoscopic Video reduces eye fatigue
Runco’s new CSV technology is a premium 3D visualization architecture. Current 3D technology relies on the viewer wearing a set of glasses designed to filter a separate image to each eye. The illusion of depth is created by sending a slightly different image to each eye. The left and right eyes are spaced so that everything seen is at an angle. The human brain processes and combines these two images into one complete picture with the perception of depth. Runco CSV is based on the human brain and eye physiology (called stereopsis) and mirrors it precisely to create perceived depth with a constant HD image to each eye. In contrast, time-sequential based 3D display systems, like those found on 3D televisions, flicker the image on and off at the eye, which can degrade the 3D effect and often results in eye fatigue and discomfort.

Standard 3D GlassesRunco PreciseLight™ passive glasses improve the 3D at home experience
Runco’s 3Dimension Series pair passive glasses with a design unique to Runco formulated for precise stereo separation, called PreciseLight™. Runco’s passive glasses are not like current 3D TV glasses, which are based on “active” LCD shutter-glass technology and have inherent design challenges. Active glasses are bulky and expensive because they include electronics. And, because active glasses have LCDs in each lens, and turn black every other frame (or more frequently), active glasses need a transmitter that is synced to the frame rate. If you are out of range of the transmitter, low on batteries, have multiple TVs in a single room, or have any obstructions, the image may stutter or simply not work.

3D e-bookRunco PreciseLight glasses offer:

  • Runco-designed passive glasses for maintenance-free use (no batteries and best stereo separation)
  • Autoscope filters for best 3D and offer 2D viewing flexibility
  • Optional clip-on, children’s, and premium designer glasses available

To review the key considerations when choosing a 3D projection solution for your home, visit Runco's interactive 3D Projection Guide, or for 2D and 3D projection solutions, visit Runco's Projector Possibilities Guide.

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