CineWide™ Technology


Runco’s award winning development of CineWide™ and CineWide with AutoScope™ technology has created a revolution in faithful movie reproduction, for the first time transforming home theater into home cinema.

This technology provides uncompromised widescreen reproduction of movies originally filmed in the CinemaScope™ 2.35:1 format. It maintains constant vertical height on the screen just as in a movie theater. When a viewer transitions from 1.78:1 (16:9) program material to superwide 2.35:1, the image simply gets wider while full screen height is maintained, eliminating black bars.

This is done through an ingenious combination of software, electronics and precision anamorphic optics. With the AutoScope option, the anamorphic lens is motorized and remote controlled.

Guide to Cinewide eBookWith CineWide the projection system is able to use the full pixel array on its SuperOnyx™ DMD™ chips, thereby producing a 2.35:1 image with enhanced resolution and increased brightness. No resolution or image area is lost to useless black bars on the top and bottom of the screen that contain no picture information.

To learn more about CineWide, download our Guide to CineWide® e-Book: a viewer’s guide to widescreen scope projection in the home. It provides a brief history of widescreen cinema, discusses aspect ratios and designing for CineWide and much more.

Conventional Method   CineWide™ with AutoScope™
A conventional 2.35:1 image displayed on a 1.78:1 (16:9) screen.   Constant vertical height and full resolution are maintained. 100% of pixels are used. Black Bars are eliminated.
How it works
The video processor anamorphically “stretches” the 2.35:1 image vertically to completely fill the display’s imaging chips. This allows all pixels to be used.
The anamorphic lens then “stretches” the image width to 2.35:1. Correct geometry is restored, while 100% of the pixels are now used to maintain full resolution and eliminate black bars.
CineWide requires the use of a 2.35:1 or similar aspect ratio superwide format screen.

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Electronic House Product of the Year Award

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