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Founded by filmmaker George Lucas and renowned for its expertise in cinema and home theater audio, THX is now focused on delivering an uncompromised HD video experience. Whether it’s a jaw-dropping vista or first and goal on a Monday night – THX Certified projectors make sure every high definition image is clear as can be.

Achieving THX certification is no simple task. Very few HD products manufactured today achieve an image quality that meets THX standards. Runco has several offerings among this elite group of projectors that have passed a rigorous design and laboratory testing process, which includes more than 400 data points and strict guidelines for color accuracy, luminance and black levels.

THX also works closely with Runco to improve each projector’s signal processing performance, minimizing image softening and jaggy lines that often occur when motion becomes too intense with action movies or sports broadcasts. The result? Runco’s engineering expertise and THX certification ensures sharp, vibrant pictures with every frame.

Experience Runco's THX-certified projectors:

Experience THX Trailers: Amazing Life

Title: Amazing Life

Amazing Life bursts with color, incredible bass and surround sound from award-winning composers and mixers.

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Electronic House Product of the Year Award

Electronic House Product of the Year Award

Runco’s 3Dimension™ D-73d Series

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